Tourist Treasures of 4 Countries – Discover Szombathely, Elbląg, Komárno And Kutaisi!

4 countries, 4 cities, 4 hidden treasures, still, they have one thing in common. All four offer exciting and colourful sights and are well worth adding to your bucket list. Ranging from nature and culture to culinary delights, there is something for everyone. These four distinct, yet similar cities now join forces to offer their attractions:

Szombathely (Mészáros Zsolt)

Szombathely, the Heritage of the Roman Empire

Szombathely, the former Savaria, is a 2000-year-old Roman city in the western part of Hungary, where the historical past continues to exist even today. It hosts the Iseum, the world’s third largest temple dedicated to the goddess Isis, moreover, the Amber Road, the famous trade and military route, which passed the city. Descending underground into an intact canal of Savaria allows visitors to discover fascinating details of the ancient Road.

The main attraction in the summer is the Savaria Historical Carnival, which takes place between 25 and 28 August 2022, offering dance events, exhibitions, theatrical performances, concerts, historical shows and gastronomic adventures for everyone. Visit us and be part of a genuine historical costume time-travel!

Szombathely is the birthplace of St. Martin, one of the most famous saints of ancient Europe. This is the reason why Via Sancti Martini (St. Martin’s Way), a Major Cultural Route of the Council of Europe, which follows the life of this saint, starts from the city. On Martin’s Day, the saint is commemorated with a lantern parade and a traditional goose dinner. St. Martin’s roll is a must try. It is shaped to make you feel an urge to share, evoking the spirit of the saint and his teachings of sharing our goods.

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Elbląg, the City of Lakes and Canals

Elbląg, a port city in northern Poland, is famous for its lakes and canals. One of the most exciting things to do in Poland is travelling down the Elbląg canal as the boats here go uphill and over grass, defying the rules of logic.

The most famous building in Elbląg is the Brama Targowa, the only remains of the medieval fortifications surrounding the town. The tower of the monumental St. Nicholas Cathedral affords visitors a breathtaking view.

Elbląg is not only the home of the world famous EB beer, there are plenty of other local beers to sample should you decide to take a brief “pub crawl” around the old town.

The most prominent event of the city is the Elbląg Bread Festival, which commemorates the legend of a young local baker who once defended his city. Listen to concerts at this lively and bustling event and try some of the 1,200 special local confectionery products while shopping for local handicrafts.

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Komárno, the City on the Danube

Located on the banks of the river Danube in Slovakia, the best-known attraction of Komárno is the fortress and bastion system and one of its Roman castellums, Celemantia, now a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

An exciting and colourful attraction in the city is the Courtyard of Europe, representing stunning historical architecture of 45 countries in one building.

The Danube and the backwater section of the river Váh spoil water sports enthusiasts with a wide range of unique opportunities, including travelling on a bőgőshajó (a kind of transport boat used in the area). Komárno is best explored on two wheels, with plenty of magnificent sights along the bike trails.

The town is most worth a visit during the St. Andrew’s Day Fair in late November, when local artisans offer a taste of local flavours and a variety of handicrafts.

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Kutaisi, the City of Architectural and Natural Wonders

Kutaisi is one of the oldest cities and the former capital of Georgia. The Silk Road passed through here in the ancient times, which linked the western world with the countries of the East. The city abounds in impressive medieval buildings. One of the most prominent is Bagrati Cathedral, the largest cathedral in the country. The former kings of Georgia are buried in the Gelati Monastery. Erected on the cliffs above the Ckalcitela River, the Motsameta Monastery offers an absolutely panoramic view. The most modern building in the city is the Parliament Building, an oval-shaped great glass and steel dome.

Having explored these impressive buildings, one must head towards the Prometheus dripstone cave, which is more than 1 km long, and where you can go boating on underground rivers and lakes. See the skeletons and footprints of dinosaurs that once roamed our planet at Sataplia Nature Reserve.

Those in need of more adrenaline should definitely book an extreme rafting adventure on the Rioni River, go canyoning in Tkibuli, rock climbing in Chiatura, or go on an extreme caving trip in the Melouri Cave or zip-line at a height of 700 metres while enjoying breathtaking views.

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