Between August 25-28th, 2022, Savaria Turizmus Nonprofit Kft. organized the Savaria Historical Carnival, the biggest and best-known festival in Szombathely and Western Hungary. This year's event was special because, with the support of the Visegrád Fund, Szombathely invited their Polish and Georgian twin cities, as well as their tourism partner, the Slovak Komárno. Unfortunately, the Georgian partners could not participate in the event, so the partners from Elblag and Komárno were hosted by Szombathely.

The Skuti Ensemble band from the Polish twin city performed Renaissance and Baroque songs at the event on Friday and Saturday, and they took part in the carnival's most popular program, the costume parade, which also took place on Friday and Saturday. In addition, the cultural and tourism values ​​of Elblag were promoted at a stand-alone stand of the carnival fair.

The Slovakian Komárno craftsman presented his local products at a stand next to the Elblag stand. Fruit juices, syrups, and cider were enjoyed by the Hungarian public. They promoted their tourism values ​​with brochures at the stand.

The Legio Brigetio Tradition Preservation Association of Komárnó evoked the Roman era as the tradition preservation program of the carnival. Combat demonstrations were held and the everyday life of the Roman civilization of the Danube was reconstructed for the audience. Their military unit Legio I Adiutrix took part at the carnival costume parade on Friday and Saturday.